Tasmania - the apple isle

Exploring Tasmania

The main part of Tasmania is a very special heart shaped island 150 miles or so south of the Australian mainland. It comprises hundreds of islands spread over thousands of miles of ocean, two of them are almost half the way to Africa, but noone lives there :-). The population is around half a million people and we attract about that many visitors a year. Many visitors enjoy extended vacations, here's some information for you, purely for entertainment. If you're intending to rely on it for a thesis or something important, please verify the information from other sources. And if you have anything to add, please send us a note.

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Featured lists ...

Abel TasmanTop 10 dates in Tasmanian history
Tasmania has an interesting history, both before offical European settlement in 1803, and after it.
Tasmanian flagTop 10 origins of Tasmanians
Unlike the rest of Australia, Tasmania is a monoculture.
Crown Princess Mary of DenmarkTop 10 famous Tasmanians
Tasmania has a few sons and daughters made good, but they seldom parade their origins. So, I shall do it for them.
Blundstone bootsTop 10 Tasmanian brands
Tasmanian enterprises which have built an awareness of Tasmania beyond its shores.
Nyrstar Hobart smelterTop 10 contributors to the Tasmanian economy
Tasmania has a small but diverse economy. Here are the sectors which contribute most to the state.
HobartTop 10 population centres in Tasmania

The population of Tasmania hit the half million mark at the end of 2008. Here are the towns where most Tasmanians choose to live.

Tasmanian AbaloneTop 10 Tasmanian food specialities
If it’s highly processed and preserved with chemicals it’s not on my list.
Dove Lake, Cradle MountainTop 10 experiences in Tasmania
There is natural wonder here, and no little history.
Richmond BridgeTop 10 Tasmanian heritage icons
Tasmanians have inherited much. These are symbols of the wealth.
Mount Ossa, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National ParkTop 10 highest mountains in Tasmania
Not the most imposing mountains in the world, but set in a wild, unspoiled and uncrowded place.
Maria IslandTop 10 islands off Tasmania
If you want to really get away from it all, there are 334 islands off Tasmania. Here is my list of ten.
Beach at Wineglass BayTop 10 half-day walks in Tasmania
Tasmania, with its huge variety of well-maintained walking tracks, is a paradise for hikers.
Wursthaus Kitchen, HobartTop 10 places to buy food in Hobart
To Coles and Woolies ... a pox on both your houses.
Coffee shops, Salamanca PlaceTop 10 places to drink coffee around Hobart
Not necessarily the best coffee, but the best places to savour the surroundings.