The History Of The Rolex Submariner Replica

The history of the Rolex Submariner replica is a true legend in the watchmaking industry. But why is this dedicated sports watch also known as one of the most famous and elegant watches of all time? Perhaps it has something to do with the classic and highly versatile design. Perhaps it is due to the famous names associated with this historic timepiece: Jacques Cousteau, James Bond, Sean Connery, Thor Heyerdal, the Royal Navy and COMEX (French Expeditionary Diving Company) - to name but a few. just to name a few. Beyond all the history and marketing hype, the Rolex Submariner simply has a timeless and sophisticated design that true watch enthusiasts want to see when they look down on their wrists.

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The Rolex Submariner replica was first released in 1953 as a challenge to Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, who created a dive watch that was both practical and suitable for evening wear. This conversation resulted in the Submariner, a tool watch with a rotating bezel, luminous markers and a less sporty design that could transition to any situation. To really test the Submariner, the company hired Swiss physicist and explorer Auguste Piccard, who plunged more than 3,100 meters into the ocean in 1953 during his deep dive (Bathyscaphe) in a submarine. The Rolex Submariner was specially built to be attached to the hull of the boat with him and the watch was still working when Bathyscaphe emerged from the water. The magic of the Submariner lies in its design, which has undergone only minor adjustments since its initial release. The first reference numbers were 6204 and 6205, which were produced and phased out before the late 1950s. These models are the basis of the Rolex Submariner replica line, but there are still some differences in appearance, including inconsistent trademarking of the "Submariner" name on the dial, pencil-shaped hands and the lack of a crown protector.

The Original Watch

Notable versions of the Submariner include the 6538, which was originally issued as the original James Bond and debuted on screen in 1962, and the 5512, which standardized the watch's oversized crown and added a crown guard to protect it. It was also the watch of choice for the actor Steve McQueen, who was known for his love of cars and replica watches. In the late 1960s, the Reference 1680 consolidated the Submariner's function as more than just a diver's tool, adding a date function and an accompanying Cyclops magnifying glass. In that decade, Rolex replaced the radium lacquer with a safer, less volatile tri for the dial. As a menu with mass market appeal, later Submariners saw the introduction of two-tone gold, steel and full gold models. Today's Rolex Submariner replica is derived from the 140 or 16610, which were produced from the late 1980s through the 1990s and into the 21st century. 2003 saw Rolex celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner with the number 16610 LV, a Submariner-Date with a distinctive green bezel and Maxi dial, which was discontinued in 2010. This dial was discontinued in 2010. Today, the Submariner has become Rolex's most recognized model and continues to set the standard more than 60 years after its first launch. In addition to working at incredible depths, the Submariner is perfect for diving, with a rotating bezel that allows divers to track the time elapsed during a dive. In addition, many of the Submariner's other unique features were created specifically to meet the needs of professional divers, such as the Submariner's famous latching safety clasp with wetsuit extension system.

Summing Up

Over the past few decades, the Rolex Submariner has slowly but steadily evolved. While constantly refining its design, Rolex made only minor and incremental changes to the classic Submariner dive watch. 1959 saw Rolex increase the Submariner's case diameter to 40mm and add a crown guard to better protect the watch's screw-down winding crown. 1966 saw the introduction of the " Red Submariner" model, a date version (with a "Cyclops" magnifying lens) was added to the line-up. The Submariner has been in the Rolex catalog with a date display since 1680, and since the 1970s Rolex has been transforming the Submariner into a more colorful timepiece. For many years, all Submariner replica watches were made of stainless steel with black dials and bezels. However, the Submariner watches produced from the 1970s onwards were also available in yellow gold and two-tone, and Rolex even offered a bright blue dial and bezel option for the various precious metal versions.

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